Upright Pianos

Yamaha P116 Piano Reid Sohn 115  Piano Yamaha B1 Piano Yamaha B2 Piano Kawai K15 Piano Hamlyn Klein 121 Art Deco Piano

Reid Sohn 115

This Reid Sohn is the Traditional Cabinet version of the RS043 piano, it therefore exhibits the same, soft, sweet tone as the 043.  Unlike many ‘Student Level’ pianos, Reid Sohn utilize real wood veneer for their cabinets, consequently a good variation of wood colours are available. Price £4,250

Yamaha B1   

The Yamaha B1 is Yamaha’s entry level acoustic piano. If you are looking for a piano that has a high level of volume together with a bright tone, then perhaps this is the piano for you ! Simulated wood finishes are the same as the Yamaha B2   P.O.A

Yamaha B2   

This is Yamaha’s Traditional Cabinet version of the modern styled B1 piano, therefore the pianos tone and key touch are identical to the B1. The B2’s pianos cabinet is available in either a simulated Mahogany or Walnut  colour, (polished high gloss) or Ebony colour high gloss.  P.O.A

Kawai K15  

The K15 piano represents good value for a ‘Japanese branded’ piano. The instrument departs from tradition by utilizing carbon fibre parts within the pianos action. This innovation design does alter the pianos ‘key touch’ response; you are therefore welcome to call into Reid’s to appraise this piano . £3,350.

Hamlyn Klein  123 Art Deco  

Released in 2015 this New Hamlyn Klein represents good value for money. The instruments 123cm height gives a good though not over powering volume. The piano’s cabinet is Art Deco style, which is only available in Ebony high gloss.  Price £3,450.


Yamaha P116

Manufactured in Indonesia the P116 is edging towards the higher (price wise) end of our 'Student Level' category. Tonally, not quite to Yamaha's Japanese standard, however this piano does have a good fast key action, which is part of the joy of playing piano. If you are looking for a new 'Classic Styled' piano, priced under £4,000 then you are welcome to visit our Yamaha showroom to view this piano. POA.

Schaefer 112M

A well made piano that has a slightly bright piano tone. It is available in a modern style or a traditional style cabinet The shown piano is finished in a Mahogany high gloss. Walnut and Ebony finishes are also available. Priced from  £2,650.

Reid Sohn  043

Reid Sohn pianos (made in Asia range) are manufactured by the Samick Corporation. All Reid Sohn pianos have been designed to the German manufacturing standard, consequently they exhibit a classic, soft, sweet German Piano Tone, this quiet tone” is well suited for home use.  Price £3,550

Reid Sohn 043 piano Schaefer 112M piano New upright Pianos New upright Pianos


Est. 1928

Upright Pianos

Samick 121 Piano Yamaha U1 Piano Reid Sohn 112Ri  Piano Kawai K300 Piano

Reid Sohn 112Ri

You might think ‘how can it be’, that such a small piano can be classed as an intermediate piano ! When the 112Ri was released it immediately won a ‘Best in its Class’ award. The 112Ri proves the point that ‘good tone’ is a direct relation to ‘good design’. Why not try it ? We think you will be impressed £4,250

Yamaha U1

Yamaha famous U1 piano ! Many thousands of U1's have been manufactured over the years. The manufacturing consistency of the U1 has meant that it is a piano by which other pianos can be judged. The U1's bright tone and great volume gives it an advantage in a class of noisy children, consequently it has become a teachers favourite.  Reid’s often have a good selection of used U1’s in stock…Well worth a phone call !.

Samick 121

Like the U1, this pianos ‘fast action’ will allow pianists to play to grade 8 and beyond. Whether you are a ‘home’ pianist hoping to upgrade, or a music teacher seeking to introduce your pupils to the refined ‘German Piano Tone’, the 121 will not disappoint ! Available in varying cabinet finishes inc; Mahogany Walnut and Ebony Price £4,850

Kawai K300

Founded in 1927, the Kawai piano company is the other (other than Yamaha) major Japanese piano manufacturer. Interestingly, the Kawai tone is not as bright sounding as the Yamaha tone, consequently it fits in-between the Yamaha and the German piano tone. The K300 is a pleasing piano, with a fast key action; Certainly worth penciling it in as a ‘piano to view’ !  P.O.A

Student Level Pianos

Intermediate Level Pianos

Intermediate Plus Level Pianos.

Reid Sohn 126 Piano Ronisch 118 Piano Seiler 116 Primus Piano Yamaha YUS1 Piano

Seiler 116 Primus

In their promotional material, Seiler say that their Primus range of pianos are manufactured ‘without compromise’ ! If you have the chance to play this piano, we feel sure that you will agree with this statement. Its 116cm height belies the quality of tone that it produces.  So here we have another small piano that proves the point that ‘good tone’ is a direct relation to good design. P.O.A

Ronisch 118

Founded in 1845 the Ronisch manufacturing criteria of ‘Good Design, Good Quality at an affordable price,’ has prevailed for more than 150 years. The 118 displays classic German characteristics, including its Piano tone (albeit a little brighter than the Reid Sohn). If you are looking for a ‘German toned’ piano, that airs on the bright side, then perhaps this could be the one! P.O.A.

Reid Sohn 126

Designed by Samick Corporation of Korea, this piano is now Reid Sohn’ s ‘top of the range’ Asian made upright piano. Design specification is the same as all the smaller Reid Sohn’s (German Scale) so it is endowed with sweet sounding, ‘German Piano Tone’ characteristics. The use of computer controlled machines (CNC) in production, ensures a very high level of build quality. P.O.A.

Yamaha YUS1

The use of better quality materials makes the YUS1 piano tonally superior to the Intermediate level Yamah U1. Specially selected hammer felt and selected strings both contribute to the improvements. The YUS still retains the ‘Yamaha style’ tone, though now nicely refined.  Well balanced throughout its compass and as always with Yamaha, a fast, efficient, key action. P.O.A

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