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Children’s Guitars

Take care when purchasing a child's Guitar, especially the Strat Style Electric !

There are many children's electric guitars on the internet to choose from, some of them will appear to be a bargain……however it is the experience of our service department that as many as 9 out of 10 children's guitars cannot be tuned to a Music Scale.

This simply means that when all 6 strings are correctly tuned, and the Guitar is played 'open', then there is not a problem, but once your son or daughter tries to play a chord, the instrument will sound and play 'out of tune'.

Far better to start your child's guitar playing on a classical acoustic guitar. Easy to tune, Easier to play !


A good starter guitar for young children, available in ¼  size. This instrument comes in varying colours.

Price £59. 95


For those children that prefer a natural finish guitar then this ½ size instrument is available at just-

Price £65.



Another ¾ size guitar from MSA;  an extremely well finished instrument with a pleasant tone.

Price £69. 95


Jose Ribera  HG67

The HG 67 is a very good student Guitar, and offers good value for money. The instrument is shown in Natural Polish.

Price £89. 00

Children’s MSA Guitars

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