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Yes, it’s official, Communities and

Town Centres matter !

Department of Communities

In December 2011 The ‘Portas’, independent review highlighted the importance of Town Centres in relationship to Communities and Social Interaction ! More information can be viewed via this link: Department of Communities and Local Government.

Town Team ...What is Town Team  ?

Town Team is a group of companies that are located within Bromley Town whom work with social groups and Bromley council to help young people interact in varying aspects of a Town.

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Participating Companies/Parties  include : Mc Donald’s of Bromley,  Reid’s Music Store, Touch Type Read & Speech, Genistar,Councillor Will Harmer and Bromley Town Centre

Manageress Loraine Mc Quillan.

Bromley North’s Community Tree

Bromley North’s Traders Association Association ( whom Reid's is a member ) has been working with the council in relationship to improving  Bromley Village.

Five major infrastructure projects were highlighted by the Traders, one of which is a Community area,  that schools and community groups would use to socially interact with shoppers and the local community. We are pleased to say that the council took note of this request; consequently a Community

Tree will be planted just across the road from the historic Royal Bell public house, later this year.

Baptist Church Birthday Party

During the summer of 2013 Bromley Baptist Church held a birthday party on the High Street ( Bromley North ) to celebrate 150 years of Baptist worship within Bromley Town. Town centre manageress Lorraine Mc Quillan arranged to have the road closed for the day, Pastor, Simon Jones organised and kindly sponsored (via The Church) the event. Food, tea, coca-cola and coffee were in abundance !  Clowns and magicians entertained children ( and adults ) throughout the day.  Late in the afternoon, Bob Gregory from Reid's and

Tonina Hoang from Mc Donald's  had the honour of cutting and handing out the birthday cakes.

One by one, children stepped forward to receive their slice and just as in the Biblical story of the five loaves and two fishes by the sea of Galilee, there was enough to feed all ! The last child came to the table, hands stretched out and the last piece of cake was carefully taken from its plate and given to him !

Boris Johnson Visiting Our Piano Shop in Bromley

Community Page

During July the Mayor came to Bromley to check the progress of the Bromley North Village improvements, which the Mayor’s office ( via the Outer London Fund ) helped fund. Bob Gregory, director of Reid's of Bromley and Chair of Bromley North Traders Association has been active in liaising with the council about the improvements and was therefore asked to meet with the Mayor.

Boris, upon hearing about Reid's Piano Shop just had to take a look !  Pianos were supplied by Reid's for the 2012 City of London Festival….Click here for the Festival’s ‘Street Piano' Link

Reid's are pleased to announce that they are again participating in St. Mary's, Nativity Annual Sheep Trail.

This year, twelve companies within Bromley Town Centre have decided to join in the fun !  The Trail event begins on Saturday 14th November. From that time families should go from store to store ( or restaurant ) to find out the names of  the twelve sheep. Once all twelve names have been entered onto the 'Official Sheep Trail Form'  ( available from participating shops and restaurants ) families can enter into the Prize Draw.

The Draw will take place at Saint Mary's Church, College Road, Bromley, on Sunday 20th December;  where winners, will receive their prize.  Good Luck to all participants !

PS. Clue for the name of the sheep at Reid's ……A famous Queen !

Saint Mary's Sheep Trail.  Prizes to be Won

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